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GTEC International Services

GTEC International with its headquarter in Southern California (Los Angeles County), and offices in Shenzhen, Suzhou, Wuhan, & Hong Kong, China, is VERY WELL POSITIONED to match best ODM/OEM (Private label/OEM design & manufacture) for any project you or your customers may need. China is the World factory, and now also providing high quality design, and implementation (ODM/OEM). We do the due-diligent investigation to check out each supplier/OEM/ODM/Design house, to make sure they meet world-class quality standards, and maintain the proper QC control, and procedures to ensure the highest quality possible, at the most competitive prices, Best Value for Your Money.

GTEC International, Product Lines & Services

Pvinergy Technologies: Solar &Alternative/Renewable Energy Solutions Provider. Its core competencies are: Design & Manufacture (R&D, ODM/OEM) of: Outdoor Cabinets* Solar Controllers, Hybrid Inverters, Solar Water Pump Systems, Solar Street-lights (All in One) Solutions.

 Power-V Electronics: Electronic Components (Semiconductors, passive & active) Distribution company, hybrid of Franchise and Independent distribution company.

 Western Digital: Storage Products, Hard Drives-HDD (Rectified), Branded Products, Components Desktop Products, Components AV Products, Components Mobile Products.

 Newlans (Semiconductors): Programmable Duplexer targeting Front End RF modules for 4G LTE mobile devices and small cells.

 AiT Semiconductor Inc: Semiconductors family of Discrete, Inductors, Frequency Components, Audio Amp, DC-DC, LDO Regulators, EEPOM, LED & OLED Driver, Battery management, MOSFET, RF Transistors, Hall Switch.

Alliance Memory: SRAM, DRAM, Legacy DRAM & SRAM, in Partnership with Micron Technology.

ARTsys360: New Era in Perimeter Defense Micro Radar Technology, low cost, 360 degree coverage, 10 times lighter, and smaller than today’s solutions.

Diamond Multimedia: Complete multimedia solution featuring AMD Radeon graphics cards, video capture devices, USB display adapters, networking, modems, sound cards and accessories.

Mitron: Fiber Optic cables/Patches, and Fiber Optics accessories/peripherals.

Cyber Blue: Bluetooth USB dongles, BT headset, BT hands-free, other Bluetooth accessories.

Triones:  State of the art, World-Class Telecom & Wireless design house, Waterproof Mobile phone, and custom design (among their customers: Haier, Philips Mobile, Foxconn, Nokia, Samsung)

 Concox: Trackers (GSM+ GPS) for vehicles, and human, mobile phone for senior citizen (with & without GPS tracking function).

EPOS (Ukraine): Hard Drive Forensic Products, Data Recovery Products (from HDD & Flash Drives), Hard Drive duplicators, Hard Drive analyzer.  

"Making the simple complicated is commonplace; making the complicated simple, awesomely simple, that's creativity"
- Charles Mingus